3D Fitness

The intention of building this website

I want to do something constructive / learn new things outside my full-time job. Coming from Computer Engineering background, I had actually never done any website nor GUI design before. It just happened on a random day while reading a book I had a thought – If I could complete and deliver projects at work, why couldn’t I do a project for myself? Okay I am going to build a website!

This website is like a mini-project for me. I am curious to find out the whole end-to-end process of how to  create a website, every single little thing about it from getting a domain name to webpage design to content management etc. I am the project manager / business analyst / developer and production support! And you all are my users 🙂 Hi bosses!!!


This website is about 3D Fitness. What is that?

Then what is this website about? I’m not a celebrity; I’m not a freelancer… no I am not going to bore you here with my personal stories.

I do sports regularly since I was 9, why not talk about fitness? Recently I have been spending time a lot more time reading books, learning about investment and money management, I could probably discuss about what I have learnt so far too. Great! Here we go – 3D Fitness! Let me share about how to get fit in 3 dimensions – physical, financial and mental.

What I am attempting here is to redefine fitness in a more complete way, as I find these aspects are all interrelated. For example we need to be self-disciplined to workout regularly (mental strength leads to physical health). On the other hand, if we could render services by doing what we are truly passionate about, our services would be so well which could indirectly make us financially stable too (spiritual meaning induces economical stability)! This is exactly what I aspire – a balanced life with good health, enough money and mental wellness.

This website is not just for my own learning. I want to add values to my guests, hopefully whoever visits this page can get some takeaways as well. I might not be able to do big things, but I’m sure that in small ways, I can do something for myself or others.


This website is not for business

Friend X: How are you going to make money from this website?

Me: Not everything I do is for money. In fact, I value intangible things like people relationships, personal growth, nature beauty etc. more than money. I build this website simply because I like sharing things, if my ideas can help others a little, I will. Therefore, this website is not for me to make money and everything that I post here is free.

Friend Y: Your website sounds so ideal, don’t you think that it’s a little bit unrealistic? How to earn money from it?

Me:  (Orz money again.. do I look like I am so desperate for money?) Well… why not? It’s my website, I don’t intend to make money from it too, let me do whatever I like please 🙂

Friend Z: How are you going to publicize your website?

Me: Words of mouth? I don’t know yet. That’s what exactly I am going to learn too!


What can you expect from this website?

At this point of time the website might be a little hollow, however I can assure you more things are upcoming!

  1. First up I want to share with you Investment Catalogue, that would be released on 22 October 13.
  2. Then I will share as well Physical Fitness Catalogue and my personal Fitness Plan, hopefully not too long from now.
  3. Also I am inviting guest bloggers!! If you are interested to blog on my website or wanna know more about it, do send me a message please!



That’s all for now. Thank you for dropping by, I hope you enjoy! 🙂


Best regards,

SK @ ShianG KeR, 2013