2016 Review and 2017 Goals

Only one word can describe my 2016 – productive! Despite working relatively hard for my full-time job and travelling frequently (5 overseas trips – Taiwan, Spain, Vietnam, Australia, Bali and 8 times visiting hometown Ipoh); looking back the year I’m just glad to have accomplished a lot!! There were things […]

Dealing With Assholes   Recently updated !

Disclaimer: This post is very subjective and controversial, please proceed with care because I’m totally unapologetic for any consequences   I read this article by chance – someone authored a book called “Assholes Survival Guide”. Wow I liked the book instantly even before reading! It’s not just me, see, someone […]

Back To School

Last month for the first time since I graduated, I visited my secondary school. I graduated from PGS in 2004. Many things had changed – two new halls with another one under construction, most of the teachers that I knew had retired, those who stay are with lots of grey hair now […]

No Direction In Life? These Are 5 Things You Can Do To Find Your Direction

When I was back in my former secondary school and had a discussion with headmistress, I asked what’s the biggest challenge for teenagers these days. She straight away pointed out that the students (majority of them) are lack of direction in life. No goals, no objectives. I almost blurted out that, […]

Being Sensitive and Emotional Could Be Highly Emotional Intelligent

A recent personality test shows that I’m a ENFJ person: a protagonist who is extrovert, intuitive (open-minded, curious), feeling (sensitive, emotionally expressive) and judging (decisive, organized). (By the way I highly recommend this personality test! It’s the best I had done in my whole life and it’s free!) Let’s talk about feeling. […]

Onto Healing: Part II

In my previous post I shared about 5 immediate steps to take if I ever feel negative emotions. I repeat step 2 to 5 during my period of feelings, once the time limit is up, I set my mind to focus on the future. How can I be a better […]

The Trust Fund

There are two types of people, one who trusts no ones and one who trusts everyone. I belong to the latter group – I always choose to trust someone first. I know, it sounds naive right? It’s very tiring for me to be skeptical at everyone, so I decided to […]

Fast Track Your Career From Day One

Tada! Here is my first e-book on Amazon Kindle (http://bit.ly/fasttrackcareer)! I shared a few other e-books before but this is the first one I put on Amazon. Before talking about the book let me just tell you another thing first. I once was a 2.05/5.0 (GPA) uni student, you know […]

What I Learned From Project Mirastars – Part II

Here are 5 more things I learned from finishing Mirastars Project: 1) Say No Is A Must I wanted to help and contribute to everyone that I met, unfortunately we all have limited resources (time) and can only focus on that many things at a time. Initially I had hard […]

What I Learned From Project Mirastars – Part I

Mirastars project has finally reached its target and it’s now completed! It’s been an exceptionally rewarding journey for personal growth and I got to meet so many exemplary people along the way! Thank you for following Mirastars from the beginning till now, the interview project is concluded but Mirastars 2.0 […]