2017 Review and 2018 Goals

I always have the idea of mini retirements, instead of retire at the age of 65, I want to have small breaks every few years and continue to work till old age. In that case, I could enjoy life while still having good health and no need to worry about […]

In 1881, a German guy named Otto, he came out with a radical idea during that era – why don’t we all stop working at some point, and just enjoy life (plus government funded pension)? The idea was crazy because back then people simply did not retire, they worked till […]

Are Living Costs Cheaper in Malaysia Than Singapore? Let’s See!

Recently I had a discussion with a Singaporean comparing living cost in Malaysian and Singapore. I have always been grateful for being able to move to Singapore, because of this change in environment it changed my whole life. This is definitely one huge turning point for me, I was someone living […]

A Role Model Is Who We All Need To Find Direction In Life

Throwing back to the days that I was still working in my previous company. As a big organization like that (over 45000 employees worldwide), we often had speaker sessions or townhall events where senior managers (directors) would share some updates or personal experiences with audience. I was in IT department, […]

If We Know How To Face Death, We Know How To Live

Humans live in denial, it is a defense mechanism against the knowledge of our mortality; if not nobody would want to live. Please pardon my relatively morbid and dark topic, I always think that death is something we should talk more instead of avoiding it. My father used to have a […]

Warren Buffett: Public Speaking Is The Most Important Skill

Rumor Research says that many people fear public speaking more than death. To me it’s a rumor, why? Dead people can’t tell us which one is scarier right? Okay I notice this line is a little offensive. Take it as a joke please. Warren Buffett mentioned before this is the most […]

Dealing With Assholes

Disclaimer: This post is very subjective and controversial, please proceed with care because I’m totally unapologetic for any consequences   I read this article by chance – someone authored a book called “Assholes Survival Guide”. Wow I liked the book instantly even before reading! It’s not just me, see, someone […]

Back To School

Last month for the first time since I graduated, I visited my secondary school. I graduated from PGS in 2004. Many things had changed – two new halls with another one under construction, most of the teachers that I knew had retired, those who stay are with lots of grey hair now […]

No Direction In Life? These Are 5 Things You Can Do To Find Your Direction

When I was back in my former secondary school and had a discussion with headmistress, I asked what’s the biggest challenge for teenagers these days. She straight away pointed out that the students (majority of them) are lack of direction in life. No goals, no objectives. I almost blurted out that, […]

Being Sensitive and Emotional Could Be Highly Emotional Intelligent

A recent personality test shows that I’m a ENFJ person: a protagonist who is extrovert, intuitive (open-minded, curious), feeling (sensitive, emotionally expressive) and judging (decisive, organized). (By the way I highly recommend this personality test! It’s the best I had done in my whole life and it’s free!) Let’s talk about feeling. […]