WIP #11: Above All, Attitude First

You can have all the skills to fit in the roles that you are interested in, but it doesn’t mean that you will be offered that role. Because we don’t just look at skills anymore, we value attitudes. Between a genius that no body can work with, or an average colleague […]

WIP #10: Be Humble And Keep Learning

In previous post we talk about what are the top skills required by different industries. However one thing is missing from the list and I thought that is actually the most important one – the learning ability. We are now in the information age, many things change very quickly these days and […]

WIP #9: What Skills Do You Need At Work?

So many of the things that we learned in school are not going to be useful at work at all. I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of us fell victim when we started our job hunts: we studied so hard and by the time we graduated, we […]

The Culture Shock When I Moved To Singapore 10 Years Ago

I was a fairly simple-minded person before I moved to Singapore, just because Ipoh was such a small town that nothing much was happening, and we lacked access to information. I felt like I just came out from a small kampung (village in Malay) when I moved to Singapore, a […]

SK Turns 30 Part II – Cheers to A Wonderful Life!

I just turned 30 years old. Yay! Happy birthday to myself =) It’s been at least 15 years now that I don’t eat meat on my birthday. A few reasons apart from the obvious one (just don’t want to celebrate my life with death); actually I want to keep my […]

5 Effective Workouts For On The Go

As mentioned in my earlier post How I Lost Weight While Travelling, I always slot in some workouts during travels. Usually I would take shorter workouts (it is good to let body has a small break from all-year-long active life), yet they are still effective enough to maintain my strength, flexibility […]

SK Turns 30 Part I – A Moment of Reflection

It’s been 30 years on earth, officially =) I reflect every now and then, but this is an exceptionally great time to do a self reflection. Looking back my life, I am grateful that I have a wonderful run so far. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good, I’m already […]

How I Lost Weight While Travelling

“You’re kidding!“ Lose weight while travelling? No way! We all gain weights! Vacation is meant to relax, we eat, we drink, we party! I know, I know. We can have a fit vacation which we come back fresher, more energetic, and without gaining that extra pounds. I did not gain […]