5 Effective Workouts For On The Go

As mentioned in my earlier post How I Lost Weight While Travelling, I always slot in some workouts during travels. Usually I would take shorter workouts (it is good to let body has a small break from all-year-long active life), yet they are still effective enough to maintain my strength, flexibility […]

SK Turns 30 Part I – A Moment of Reflection

It’s been 30 years on earth, officially =) I reflect every now and then, but this is an exceptionally great time to do a self reflection. Looking back my life, I am grateful that I have a wonderful run so far. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good, I’m already […]

How I Lost Weight While Travelling

“You’re kidding!“ Lose weight while travelling? No way! We all gain weights! Vacation is meant to relax, we eat, we drink, we party! I know, I know. We can have a fit vacation which we come back fresher, more energetic, and without gaining that extra pounds. I did not gain […]

WIP #8: Avoid These 7 Things If You Want To Build A Solid Career

Regardless you are new here or you have been around for a while, it’s the same. These are the things that I really think we should not do at work, even if the whole world is doing that. No gossip “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss […]

6 Basic Tips For White Collars To Get Fit

Did you notice a lot of your friends (maybe yourself too) just expanded horizontally and gained so much weight after graduation? Because there is no time to exercise, eating out always, and sitting in the office the entire day. No offends, you can get into any shape you want. But […]

WIP #7: 6 Smart Tips To Win At Work

There is this term called “street-smart”, but so many don’t understand what exactly does that mean or how to be one at work. Apart from having some common sense, here are some smart tips for you to pick up right away. I’m not suggesting you to play any tricks at work, but if […]

7 Things I Learned From the Movie Wonder Woman

I waited for the movie for a super long time; technically since the Batman VS Superman movie. When it’s finally released I watched it on the first day and it just blew my mind away! Wonder Woman is the perfect role model for all the women out there including myself. […]

WIP #6: Next 2 Weeks At Work

Very good! Now that you survive your two weeks at work (and still not hating it), looks like you are at the right place! You have spent your first 2 weeks on meeting people and sorting out the logistics; it’s time to start working hard (if you haven’t already started). […]

We Can Gain More By Just Showing Up

I’m very proud and humbled at the same time to be awarded as the top 75 personal development blog by Feedspot! 4 years ago I started personal website simply as an experimental project, and I’d never expect to be ranked at #31 among other amazing blogs! True that it’s not […]