What I Learned From Project Mirastars – Part II

Here are 5 more things I learned from finishing Mirastars Project:

1) Say No Is A Must

I wanted to help and contribute to everyone that I met, unfortunately we all have limited resources (time) and can only focus on that many things at a time. Initially I had hard time saying no to others, I always tried to find way to help; but eventually I figured out it’s more fair to say no upfront so that the other parties can move on quickly to source for someone / something else.

2) Want To Be Persuasive? Be Genuine

I learned a lot from books / videos in the past about persuasion and negotiation but never had much chance to use, I was actually excited to finally putting them into practice! They worked wonder and helped me a lot in building confidence while speaking or e-mailing with others. To be persuasive is to be genuine. Be genuinely interested in people, people will help us out.

3) Own Time Own Target Is An Art

While I always claimed that I’m very disciplined and great with time management; working on my own schedule was definitely the biggest challenge (and still is)! It is easy to have time slips by without achieving much; therefore right at the start I already used Outlook Calendar to maintain my daily routine. I set recurring reminders for different things like – learning new knowledge, meeting people for interviews, writing articles and social meetups. Setting schedule is one thing, follow through is another thing. Eventually I figured out a more effective way, instead of setting schedule I set daily and weekly targets.

4) Forget About Ego, Just Ask For Opportunities

When we are fresh we are nobody; no one would come to us. But don’t just sit there! That was what I told myself. I put myself out there, knocked on every door that I knew to ask for opportunities, I was selling all the time (subtly or actively); because if we want more yes.. we better ask for it! Ego? What’s ego? However, we can be eager, aggressive, proactive… but never, never be desperate.

5) Planning Is Great, So As Being Agile

“If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” It’s always important to plan things out and have big picture in mind, however it is also crucial to be flexible and adaptive for changes. Apart from using Outlook to plan my schedule, I have another Excel spreadsheet for tracking goals and tasks (yes, I’m project management freak). Plan and execute, and keep an open mind for better plans or opportunities.



Lastly, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you again! Thanks a lot for your support and helped me in this journey, I learned so much from you and I’ll always be grateful for this =)


Onto Mirastars 2.0 ❤❤,



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