5 Effective Workouts For On The Go

As mentioned in my earlier post How I Lost Weight While Travelling, I always slot in some workouts during travels. Usually I would take shorter workouts (it is good to let body has a small break from all-year-long active life), yet they are still effective enough to maintain my strength, flexibility […]

6 Basic Tips For White Collars To Get Fit

Did you notice a lot of your friends (maybe yourself too) just expanded horizontally and gained so much weight after graduation? Because there is no time to exercise, eating out always, and sitting in the office the entire day. No offends, you can get into any shape you want. But […]

My Personal Therapy

Weekend runs have been something I look forward to. I don’t know about others, for me running is a kind of personal therapy and meditation, a “me-time” moment that I can be completely carefree and just enjoy the endorphin produced from running (more endorphin = more energy and more awake […]