The Trust Fund   Recently updated !

There are two types of people, one who trusts no ones and one who trusts everyone. I belong to the latter group – I always choose to trust someone first. I know, it sounds naive right? It’s very tiring for me to be skeptical at everyone, so I decided to […]

Fast Track Your Career From Day One   Recently updated !

Tada! Here is my first e-book on Amazon Kindle (! I shared a few other e-books before but this is the first one I put on Amazon. Before talking about the book let me just tell you another thing first. I once was a 2.05/5.0 (GPA) uni student, you know […]

We Can Gain More By Just Showing Up

I’m very proud and humbled at the same time to be awarded as the top 75 personal development blog by Feedspot! 4 years ago I started personal website simply as an experimental project, and I’d never expect to be ranked at #31 among other amazing blogs! True that it’s not […]