Onto Healing: 5 Immediate Steps To Heal Ourselves If We Are Mentally Disturbed

When we are physically sick we know we have to rest, see doctor, take medicine, go for physiotherapy etc. But a lot of us when we are sick mentally, we don’t know how to deal with these emotions. We feel sad, disappointed, hurt, burnt out, tired, lost, angry, stressed; but we have no cures to get well soon. How nice if there is a kind of prescribed methodology to help us overcome these sickness just like how we take Panadols for fever? If sad, take pill A. If hurt, take pill B.

Well, actually there are. There are remedies to all these!

Last week was not a fantastic week for me in terms of people relationships; many things just happened to happen during the same week that I almost couldn’t hold on to my own ground. I noticed I’m more vulnerable than I thought, but I also noticed I’m more resilient these days too. I have my own remedies.

1. Allow time to face these emotions

Instead of avoiding the emotions, I go through them and feel them fully, regardless of how painful it is. But I set a time limit to it, for example, feel sad and let down for a week. I spend time to examine my feelings. They are awful to the max, but they are good reminder that I’m also human, I can be vulnerable, I can be not at my best all the time.

2. Write out my feelings and my thoughts

I have been writing diary for more than 15 years now, it is so healing! I write whatever unhappy and negative words on my mind. We need a channel to let them out really, otherwise they would just keep occupying our minds.

3. Speak to close friends

If you don’t like writing, speak to someone that can understand and empathize with you. I speak to my closest friends, they are my support network. Regardless how bad the situation is, they always got my back and I’m really thankful for that!

By the way, I’d talk to myself too. SK (the feel-small one) and SK-II (the positive one) will have a question and answer session together, it sounds like having personality split but it’s not like that.

SK: “I’m let down. 😞

SK-II: “I heard you. *pat pat* 👼 Have you been kind? Have you done the best that you could?”

SK: “Yes.”

SK-II: ” *grin* Great 😊. I’m really proud of you! Forgive even when they don’t apologize or appreciate what you do. Don’t let them change you, be kind, always. ” 

I always let SK-II finishes last sentence to bring myself back to peace of mind.

4. Exercise

Yes, my second favorite on the list! When we are sad we lack of energy to move at all, we tend to just sit / sleep / stone the whole day. Well, break the state! Body affects mind. Once we change our physical state, it changes our mental state too! Get ourselves moving and we really can feel better. First of all exercise generates endorphins, a kind of feel-good hormone to help us counter feeling of stress or other negative emotions.

Secondly, it’s just a great distraction to pull ourselves out from the state of unhappiness. I enjoy long runs to clear mind, you can try other workouts like swimming, cycling, dancing.. just anything really! I did martial art and ping pong last time, punch punch punch and smash!

5. Listen to music

This is my favorite! I love listening to songs that can help me feel better. The progression goes like this: emo songs –> revenge songs –> happy songs. Hahaha! Yeah I can tell your facial expression when you saw revenge on the list! I don’t take revenge in real life 🙂 But it’s very liberating to sing along and combat the negative feelings through other people’s lyrics, don’t you think so?


To be continued..


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