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  • A Constructor who builds ideas to solutions,
  • An Explorer who dares greatly to the unknowns,
  • An Optimist who thinks positively in every scenario,
  • I am the CEO of my life =)

I’m a big believer that we don’t have to be someone special to do something great, we can all achieve a little more than ordinary by taking one step at a time. It is all about how we manage our lives, and these are all learned skills.

I’m very fortunate to have a colorful life 🙂 I have traveled to ~30 countries and read >170 books since I started working few years back. Being a big fitness freak who puts overall wellness as first priority, active lifestyle is my way of living – ran >2500km in 5 years, a Taekwondo black-belt, a table tennis player and an ACE certified personal trainer.

I’m currently a partner of Motivatormob startup, and working on my own project Mirastars to learn about entrepreneurship. Previously I was a Service Delivery Manager with Credit Suisse for 5.5 years, after graduating from National University of Singapore (School of Computing). At age of 28, I was one of the youngest project managers to obtain Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate.

During leisure time, I study about investment, listen to music, blog about personal stories and play guitar occasionally.


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My belief 

I believe everyone has endless potential. In small ways, anyone can make this world a little better.

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 I am a fitness freak 

  • 10 yrs old     : Attended my first Taekwondo training
  • 10 yrs old     : Played my first Table Tennis game
  • 11 yrs old      : Paused Taekwondo training, continued in 2000
  • 17 yrs old     : Attained Taekwondo 1st-Dan black belt
  • 20 yrs old   : Attained Taekwondo 2nd-Dan black belt
  • 21 yrs old    : Entered Table Tennis varsity team
  • 25 yrs old   : Ran my first full marathon
  • 26 yrs old   : Started weight training
  • 29 yrs old   : Certified as ACE personal trainer

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 I am a music amateur 

  • 15 yrs old           : Bought my first guitar
  • 17 yrs old           : Watched my first live concert
  • 23 yrs old           : Watched >15 live concerts

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I am a student of life

  • 6 yrs old             : Delivered first public speech as kindergarten valedictorian
  • 9 yrs old             : Won state champion in national computer knowledge quiz
  • 10 yrs old           : Had my article published nationally on a student magazine
  • 15 yrs old           : Started writing my diary (still writing now)
  • 17 yrs old           : Obtained straight A’s in all mandatory government exams (PTS, UPSR, PMR, STPM)
  • 21 yrs old           : Obtained my first and only “Fail” in my entire life

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 My special facts

  • 14 yrs old           : Started wearing contact lens 
  • 15 yrs old           : Never take any chemical medicines since then
  • 15 yrs old           : Started my vegetarian-on-birthday practice
  • 17 yrs old           : Drove car to school
  • 22 yrs old          : Traveled solo for the first time – China for 1 month
  • 26 yrs old          : Had only taken 8 days of MCs in my entire life

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Credits: Photos by Charles Chia. You can view his personal project here.

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