Fast Track Your Career From Day One

Tada! Here is my first e-book on Amazon Kindle (! I shared a few other e-books before but this is the first one I put on Amazon. Before talking about the book let me just tell you another thing first. I once was a 2.05/5.0 (GPA) uni student, you know […]

WIP #6: Next 2 Weeks At Work

Very good! Now that you survive your two weeks at work (and still not hating it), looks like you are at the right place! You have spent your first 2 weeks on meeting people and sorting out the logistics; it’s time to start working hard (if you haven’t already started). […]

WIP #5: First 2 Weeks At Work

Congratulations on your job offer! Excellent! Now that you have got a brand new career ahead of you, what to do during the first 2 weeks in your new company? Prepare A Short Introduction You are going to introduce yourself again and again, craft a simple yet interesting introduction about […]