WIP #9: What Skills Do You Need At Work?

So many of the things that we learned in school are not going to be useful at work at all. I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of us fell victim when we started our job hunts: we studied so hard and by the time we graduated, we were not at all ready for job market!

What happened?

Just have a look at this skill matrix by HBR and you would know (read the article here):

Credit: The Human Factor and HBR


How much do we learn and practise those skills in school?

Of course, this is just a reference, skill set required could be different from role to role. But this picture is clear enough to point out what kind of skills we should acquire; among the top 10 most are soft skills and not theories that we learn from school.

However, it does not mean that we only focus on soft skills. Having the right technical knowledge is just the most basic requirement, we need to constantly upgrade our knowledge in our own expertise areas (or explore others) while building soft skills at the same time.

Regardless what we cover above, I want to emphasize that having the right attitudes is more important than just having these skills. Checkout why in the next post! Ciao =)


Note: This post is part of the series, Work In Progress (WIP).

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