SK Turns 30 Part III – What I Learned About People, Money, and Life

I remember when I was a kid I often asked myself why am I here in this world? Who am I? I wondered is there after life? Who was I in my previous life? Too young for big questions like these. Unsurprisingly, I still don’t have the answers and I actually stop asking them too. But I can share with you what other things I have learned:

People Relationships

  • People first
    • “What’s the point if I have achieved a lot but no one to celebrate with?” Read this somewhere, just one thought on it I already knew I don’t want to be another lonely person that nobody cares.
  • The 3 most important things in relationships: communication, trust and respect
    • Because I have seen enough real life dramas if one of these is missing.
  • Sincere apology is the best remedy
    • Apology is not enough, a sincere one is.
  • Honesty goes a long way. It builds trust.
    • The truth always unveils itself, sooner or later. Hiding the truth, cheating, lying.. it hurts.
  • Always trust people
    • I’m the opposite of those people who are always skeptical about everything, by default I always trust people first. I would trust a new friend would be kind to me, I would trust the universe wants us to succeed than to fail. It is very tiring to be skeptical all the time, it just makes us feel insecure always.
  • Have empathy and be considerate
    • Understand we all grew up in different cultures and backgrounds, the way we were brought up affects our behaviors.

The Money Matters

  • Money is not the most important thing, but it is important enough
    • I rather to have some money and feel sad, than no money and feel sad.
  • Network is gold, proximity is key
    • If you ask me what’s the tip of networking or to build relationships.
  • Money would come if we are doing something adding values bigger than the money
  • If we make decision purely based on money, we would make very poor decision

Personal Development / Life

  • It is okay to be vulnerable and show it
    • I grew up being perceived as a strong girl always, I never knew how to show my vulnerabilities. Only in recent years I learned that I’m also a human, it’s okay to make mistakes and be vulnerable. Highly recommend the book ”Daring Greatly“ by Brene Brown (watch her TED talk here).
  • Be grateful
    • Count your blessings, you would feel nothing else but happy. I practise one thing I learned from the book, The Secret, before sleep think of the best thing that happens on the day and give thanks. I go to bed every night feeling blessed. 😃
  • Take care of ourselves first
    • Because if we cannot even take care of ourselves, how are we going to do anything for anyone at all?
  • Secret is often depressing
    • I know, because I hoard a lot of secrets haha. If it’s a happy thing, not many people would keep it as secret. But there is another reason that I keep certain things to myself, to protect other people.
  • Enjoy the ride!
    • Imagine life as a one-way journey with no turning back, take every moment as “I’m only here once!” and enjoy fully. No rushing or dwelling, just move forward as it is.
  • Blissfulness is a blessing 😇


Love your life!


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