2017 Review and 2018 Goals

I always have the idea of mini retirements, instead of retire at the age of 65, I want to have small breaks every few years and continue to work till old age. In that case, I could enjoy life while still having good health and no need to worry about missing out things in life. 2017 was my first mini retirement, a sabbatical year for me to explore and experience different things. Well, it turned out to be a year full of positive surprises!

New social circle / network, career skills, business ventures.. I wouldn’t be able to explore and build up those things if I were still staying in previous job. Glad to have more capacity to do things that I truly enjoy, most importantly got to picked up skills that I thought are useful for my future (for example, investment knowledge, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing etc.).

On personal side, something magical happened this year which I wouldn’t trade it for anything else 🙂 I feel so blessed and am very grateful to be able to spend more time with people I love and for myself, thanks universe for looking after us 😀

Take chance and keep believing, do the right things and good things would happen; that’s what 2017 had taught me about. Thanks for all who showed me kindness and took great care of me, now let’s embrace 2018 and make this year counts!

As usual, below a record of what I did in 2017 and my new year goals 🙂 Happy new year everyone!

2017 was magical 🙂

2017 Review


  • I almost could do a split! Yes, not yet. But I’m so much more flexible now compared to earlier this year
  • I did manage to do 5 half chin-ups in a row earlier this year, to me that was already a big improvement while I could do zero the year before
  • Yes and I manage to continue my workout regularly! 4-5 times a week on different exercises, including running (382km in total), weight training, pole dancing (which I stopped after one year) and other new sports. For example I did a few rounds of wakeboarding and skateboarding and these are so fun!
  • Overall, glad to have achieved (close to achieve) a few fitness goals this year, so blessed with good health and strong body


  • 47 books read this year woohoo! This is so close to my target (52) finally! I started reading a bit more on fictions too instead of just non fictions. Finally caught up on Dan Brown’s series! So doped!
  • Yes I did learn about android programming! That’s one of the earliest thing I started this year. I have got Android studio installed and picked up on programming based on a few books that I borrowed and of coz online materials as well. And I also learned about prototyping using another platform Invision, you can checkout my prototype here: https://invis.io/5YEX85ZBW
  • Public speaking – I joined Toastmasters in March and so far loving it! It is a great platform for anyone to practise public speaking, I see myself improved a lot compared to beginning of the year and am now more comfortable to speak in group / to larger audience. Highly recommend Toastmasters!


  • Yes I have an active trading account now! After months of researching on equity / company profiles and trying out on paper trading, I finally nail down on an investment plan and started on live account. First trade was a successful 5% gain 😁 There are much more for me to learn in terms of
    • 1) making consistent investment return
    • 2) knowing how to make money even when the market condition is not good
    • On another hand, my passive investment account is doing very well (thanks for the bull market this year)! I’m very grateful for the investment gain 🤞😊
  • Blogged 43 posts on this website and won a Top Personal Blog Award
  • Career wise, 2017 is a year full of surprises, new experiences / network / skills. The biggest lesson learnt? Be humble 😃 The world is so big and I have so much more to learn. Mirastars has taken me to places I’d never been, I’m truly grateful for all who helped me in this journey. Read more about what I learned from Mirastars project here: http://www.shiangker.com/?p=984; http://www.shiangker.com/?p=987

What I Missed To Do

  • Improve my Spanish, still at beginner level
  • Release a Fitness Guide
  • Obtain a property (simply because I don’t have payslip for bank loans)

2018 New Goals

  • Career: A new job + Mirastars as side kick. Reason behind is I do enjoy what I do for Mirastars (career consulting), I like how I’m doing it now without worrying about making money out of it
  • Investment: Aiming >10% annualized return for passive investment + profitable trades for my own stocks
  • New skills:
    • Improve my Spanish
    • Finish one online course on EdX or other platforms
    • Learn to cook. I’m a terrible housewife material coz I don’t really cook, let’s see how far can I go maybe I’m actually the next MasterChef winner!
  • Voluntary work: Do more voluntary activities (targeting once a month)
  • Others: Continue to exercise 4-5 times a week and read 1 book per week

Most importantly, I want to continue to spend more time with people I love 🙂 At the end of the day it’s not about what I achieve for myself, it’s about what kind of differences have I made onto others. What’s the meaning of achieving a lot in life but nobody to share with Read this – Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, you’d have a different perspective about life and new year resolutions 🙂

2018 are you ready for it? 🤩

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