2016 Review and 2017 Goals

Only one word can describe my 2016 – productive!

Despite working relatively hard for my full-time job and travelling frequently (5 overseas trips – Taiwan, Spain, Vietnam, Australia, Bali and 8 times visiting hometown Ipoh); looking back the year I’m just glad to have accomplished a lot!!

There were things that I wanted to achieve but didn’t manage to, no regrets as I genuinely think that I had given my best. Some of those would be continued in 2017; some would be good to keep as memories.

Starting 2017 at a jobless state, the outlook is a little uncertain but I’d like to believe there are unlimited possibilities. I will keep the faith that as long as we keep learning, keep growing, keep doing our best; right thing would happen at the right time. Let’s make 2017 a wonderful one and the biggest year ever!

2016 Personal Review

  • Physical
    • Obtained Open Water Diving License in May
    • Obtained Personal Trainer certification in Dec
    • Run 466.7km
    • Though I didn’t track but I’m sure to have worked out 4-5 days a week
  • Mental
    • I read 28 books, this is below target but I’m easy with it since I spent a lot of time reading Spanish and personal trainer materials
    • Went classes for Spanish level 1 and did level 2 by myself, managed to have basic conversation with locals while in Spain (ordering food, asking direction)
    • Posted 6 blog posts and revamped some parts of my website
    • Tried something new every month
      • January – Threw a party for my dad’s 70th birthday
      • February – First time coordinating a very large scale IT event at work
      • March – Surprised mum for her 60th birthday and retirement
      • April – Diving
      • May – Short trip to Taiwan Kenting
      • June – Roped in for pole dance
      • July – Travelled to Spain and checked my favourite Sagrada Familia!
      • August – Travelled to Vietnam and first time chased by dogs in early hours
      • September – EDM Ultra festival
      • October – Road trip to Tasmania and had the best star gazing experience ever
      • November – Sack race; first time to have almost full family visiting in SG
      • December – Quit my full-time job
  • Financial
    • Hit my saving target, almost to my investment target
    • Did not manage to get a property; that will be brought forward in 2017
    • Definitely learned and achieved a lot at work, just really proud to be someone coordinating regional IT events that involved thousands of servers and hundreds of applications

2017 Missions


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